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We service all Sunshine Coast areas and surrounds! Richie is a professional Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher, relocating snakes for over 15 years. His team are the most professional and  knowledgeable snake catchers in the industry.

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Our Snake Catcher Team

Over 15 Years Experience

For a reliable snake catcher in the Sunshine Coast region, rely on Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7. We have been in the industry for over a decade and are qualified to identify and remove snakes from your home or business property. Servicing all regions of the Sunshine Coast, we have built a reputable foundation as a fast and efficient team that helps keep families safe by not only removing the threat, but educating clients on the species likely found in their area.

In the Sunshine Coast alone, there are over 20 snake species, only eight of which are venomous enough to cause life-threatening injuries, however, they can still pack quite a painful bite. When you identify a snake in your home, give us a call no matter the time – we are a 24/7 snake catcher service. When you pass on your address to us, we will dispatch a qualified and licensed snake catcher immediately to be at your property in no time. We may also ask you to send us an image (if possible without putting yourself in danger – we suggest 5m away) for us to help you identify the species and how best to handle the situation. For snake removal Sunshine Coast we are the team you can rely on!

What We Do

We’re proud of what we do and are glad to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. For over 15 years, we have built our roots as the leading snake catcher Sunshine Coast operating 24/7. However, we’re not just here to catch a snake in an emergency. Thanks to our ongoing success and support from our community, we are able to extend our services to include:

  • Snake Removal and Relocation
  • Home and Yard Inspections
  • Roof/Ceiling Inspections
  • Snake Identification and Advice
  • Venomous Snake Handling Courses
  • Reptile Awareness Talks for Schools, Business’ & Community Groups
  • Fauna Spotter/Catchers
  • Professional Service with a Smile

To successfully catch a snake relies on many contributing factors. Unless the snake is inside your home or office, the fact of the matter is that it may simply just be passing through on its search for resources such as food or a home of its own. Additionally, capturing a snake depends on when our client calls us. We suggest that if the snake is outside, you monitor it for a time before calling us to see if it’s moving onward – unless you have outdoor pets in which case, we suggest calling us right away! Again, the snake is likely just hunting for food and are not usually dangerous until provoked. To legally remove and relocate a snake, it must present a threat to the property, people or pets otherwise they must be left alone and be considered as part of our environment and ecology.

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Snake Catchers based in the Sunshine Coast.

Common Sunshine Coast Snakes

The Sunshine Coast is home to approximately 20 snake species of which only 8 possess venom toxic enough to be life threatening. It helps to know what snakes are in your area so you can act appropriately if you encounter one! Remember never attempt to remove or touch a snake. Contact our team for help!

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If you have a snake in your home, contact us now – we are your local Snake Catcher 24/7 service and are here to help remove any threats to you, your family, pets or property. We must reinforce that a safe distance of 5m is recommended to any who are not familiar or licenced in handling snakes. We also do not condone harm or injury to snakes and see them as an important part of our eco system which is why we have such a strong focus on relocating them, no matter their species.

For more information or assistance in identifying a snake in your home or office, continue browsing our site or call us today on 0409 536 000.