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We service all the Caloundra areas and surrounds! Richie and his team have been professionally relocating snakes for over 15 years. His team are the most professional, knowledgeable snake catchers in the industry.

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About Caloundra Snake Catchers

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 is a fast, reliable and efficient Caloundra snake catcher service operating across several other suburbs in the region. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe community by removing and relocating snakes from your property – whether that be your home or office! For over 15 years, we have been establishing our name as the go-to snake catcher Caloundra service and are happy to provide our expertise as snake catchers in Little Mountain, Pelican Waters, Currimundi, Meridan Plains, Bells Creek and more.

As such, our Caloundra snake catchers are now also snake catchers in Birtinya, Wutulla, Palmview, Glenview, Mooloolah Valley, Beerwah, Landsborough, Glass House Mountains and Peachester. While we believe that snakes are a valuable part of our ecosystem, we understand our clients wanting to remove them from their property – especially venomous ones! However, we are only legally able to remove a snake from your property if it is presenting a threat to the household as they would usually not attack unless provoked and will move on when they don’t find food. This means that the snake must be inside the walls of your home or office, or outside in proximity to a pet.

If you have a snake on your property, call our emergency snake catcher Caloundra team today on 0409 536 000. Over the phone we will help you identify the snake and whether it is one of the eight venomous species we have in Australia and give you the best advice to stay safe until our snake catcher arrives. We have a guaranteed fast response time thanks to our ever-growing team and ability to have professional and qualified snake catchers located across the Sunshine Coast.

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Snake Catcher Caloundra Services

Over 15 Years Experience

As snake catchers in Caloundra, we are obligated to hold current and relevant permits and licenses to legally remove snakes from a property. In addition to this, some of our team have also continued their training and research to receive their fauna spotter permits. To provide an unparalleled service, our team also consistently attends first aid training to ensure their certifications are up to date and can assist a client if they have been bitten by a snake. However, at Caloundra Snake Catchers, we are more than just a snake catching service, also offering:

Snake Identification and Advice
Fauna Spotters/Catchers
Reptile Awareness Talks for Schools, Businesses & Community Groups
Venomous Snake Handling Courses

Our snake identification can often be performed over the phone when you call for an emergency snake catcher to be dispatched to your address. We may be able to identify the snake if you describe its colours and length to us, although in some cases we may require you to send us an image (though we recommend staying at least 5 metres away from the snake to do so).

Our reptile awareness talks are available to anyone and everyone as we love educating our community. One thing to note though is that our talks are tailored to the group we are presenting to, meaning that the information we provide to primary school students will differ to that of which we tell a group of office workers. All information is accurate and relevant; however, adults may receive a more detailed presentation on how to handle a snake. We will also offer first aid training tips to each group though this should not be considered as a first aid certification. These talks are aimed to help keep our community safe and educate our locals on how best to deal with a slithery intruder should they come across one in their home, office or while they are out and about.

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Snake Catcher Caloundra Roof and Yard Inspections

In addition to the above services, Caloundra Snake Catchers are also available to inspect your roof, yard or ceiling for any evidence of snakes inhabiting your property. Varying in length of time taken as well as cost, we recommend calling us to receive a free quote on this service. Each inspection will consist of a comprehensive search and report of your property for signs of shed layers of skin, eggs or live young (as not all snakes lay eggs). We will also be posting nightly videos on our Facebook page that will help you identify the signs of a snake intrusion, snake bites and how to deal with them, a background on snake species and their behaviours, and how to stay safe when you encounter a snake.

Snake Catcher Caloundra Suburbs

Over 15 Years Experience

Based in Buderim, our Caloundra snake catcher services stretch the entire Sunshine Coast region, heading as far north as Noosa and as far south as Caboolture. We have team members scattered across this region to guarantee fast response and efficient service. To help our community, we are available as snake catchers in:

  • Little Mountain
  • Pelican Waters
  • Currimuni
  • Meridan Plains
  • Bells Creek
  • Birtinya
  • Wutulla
  • Palmview
  • Glenview
  • Landsborough
  • Beerwah
  • Mooloolah Valley
  • Glass House Mountains
  • Peachester

If your suburb is not listed here but you are within the Sunshine Coast Council region, please contact us today and we will do our best to get a Caloundra snake catcher out to your address immediately. When you get in touch with us, please remember to let us know which service you require and inform us if someone has been bitten by the snake on your property.

Common Sunshine Coast Snakes

The Sunshine Coast and surrounds is home to approximately 20 snake species of which only 8 possess venom toxic enough to be life threatening. It helps to know what snakes are in your area so you can act appropriately if you encounter one! Remember never attempt to remove or touch a snake. Contact our team for help!

snake on pet cage
snake inside pet cage
python near pet cage
snake wrapped around pole
snake curled up next to water pump
snake eating duck

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We are proud to be the number one Snake Catcher Caloundra service operating 24/7. Your property is our priority and as such, we are committed to providing an unparalleled service and quality workmanship from our team of qualified snake catchers.

For more information, a free quote on our services, or to get an emergency snake catcher to your property now, call us on 0409 536 000.