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We service all the Maleny areas and surrounds! Richie and his team have been professionally relocating snakes for over 15 years. His team are the most professional, knowledgeable snake catchers in the industry.

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About Maleny Snake Catchers

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 is a fast, reliable and efficient snake catcher service in Maleny and operating across several other suburbs in the region. Whether there’s a snake in your home or office, we can safely remove and relocate it – all you must do is call us on 0409 536 000. With a strong focus on community safety, we are proud to offer our professional snake catchers in Obi Obi, Mapleton, Montville, Hunchy and other surrounding suburbs.

At Maleny Snake Catchers, we believe snakes to be a valuable part of our ecosystem and environment, yet we understand that our clients are not so comfortable having them around – especially the venomous ones! However, to legally remove a snake from a property, it must present a threat to the tenants, workers or animals on the property. As snakes do not usually attack unless provoked, this can often be a difficult task. Please keep in mind that if there is a snake on your property, it may just be hunting for food and will move on when it doesn’t find any.

If you have a snake on your property and fear it may cause harm, call our emergency snake catcher Maleny team today on 0409 536 000. We can help identify the snake and whether it is one of the eight venomous species we have in Australia as well as give you the best advice to stay safe until our snake catcher arrives. We have a guaranteed fast response time thanks to our ever-growing team and ability to have professional and qualified snake catchers located across the Sunshine Coast.

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Snake Catcher Maleny Services

Over 15 Years Experience

Our team of Maleny snake catchers (and all other Sunshine Coast teams), hold current and relevant permits and licenses to legally remove snakes from a property, as well as first aid training certificates in the case of a snake bite. In addition to this, some of our team have also continued their training and research to receive their fauna spotter permits. However, at Maleny Snake Catchers, we are more than just a snake catching service, also offering:

Snake Identification and Advice
Fauna Spotters/Catchers
Reptile Awareness Talks for Schools, Businesses & Community Groups
Venomous Snake Handling Courses

Our snake identification service is often performed over the phone, though sometimes an image sent to us may be required. To help identify the snake, we ask that you remain at least 5 meters away but try your best to describe its colours and even length.

Our reptile awareness talks are available to anyone in the Sunshine Coast region. These talks are designed to educate our community and keep our locals safe, advising on the best ways to deal with slithery intruders. They are also tailored to the specific group we are presenting to, meaning that a talk for primary school children will differ from our chat with a group of adults in a workplace. All information is current and relevant at the time of the presentation and will offer first aid tips though cannot be considered a first aid training certificate. We also put up video each night on our Facebook that delves into such things as signs of a snake intrusion, snake bites and how to deal with them, a background on snake species and their behaviours, and how to stay safe when you encounter a snake.

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Snake Catcher Maleny Roof and Yard Inspections

At Maleny Snake Catchers, we also proud to offer roof, yard and ceiling inspection to identify any evidence of snakes inhabiting your property. Varying in length of time taken as well as cost, we recommend calling us to receive a free quote on this service. Each inspection will consist of a comprehensive search and report of your property for signs of shed layers of skin, eggs or live young (as not all snakes lay eggs). For more information on these inspections, please contact us today on 0409 536 000.

Snake Catcher Maleny Suburbs

Over 15 Years Experience

Based in Buderim, our Maleny snake catcher services stretch the entire Sunshine Coast region. We have team members scattered across this region to guarantee fast response and efficient service. To help our community, we are available as snake catchers in:

  • Flaxton
  • Mapleton
  • Montville
  • Witta
  • Obi Obi
  • Kureelpa
  • Dulong
  • Hunchy

If your suburb is not listed here but you are within the Sunshine Coast Council region, please contact us today and we will do our best to get a Maleny snake catcher out to your address immediately. When you get in touch with us, please let us know which service you require and inform us if someone has been bitten by a snake.

Common Sunshine Coast Snakes

The Sunshine Coast and surrounds is home to approximately 20 snake species of which only 8 possess venom toxic enough to be life threatening. It helps to know what snakes are in your area so you can act appropriately if you encounter one! Remember never attempt to remove or touch a snake. Contact our team for help!

snake on pet cage
snake inside pet cage
snake eating duck
python after eating
lizard climbing down tree
snake eating duck

Contact Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

For over 15 years we have been striving to service the Sunshine Coast as the leading Maleny snake catchers. Open 24/7, we are proud to be the number one emergency snake catcher Maleny service, further committing ourselves to providing an unparalleled service and quality workmanship from our team of professional snake catchers.

For more information, a free quote on our services, or to get an emergency snake catcher to your Maleny property now, call us on 0409 536 000.