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We service all Caboolture areas and surrounds! Richie and his team have been professionally relocating snakes for over 15 years. His team are the most professional, knowledgeable snake catchers in the industry.

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About Caboolture Snake Catchers

Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are your 24/7 emergency snake catcher Caboolture service. With a guaranteed fast response time, we have built a reputable foundation as a fast and reliable snake relocation and removal service in the Caboolture and surrounding regions of Bribie Island, Morayfield, Wamuran and more. Give us a call and we’ll help you identify the species, give advice on how to stay safe, and next thing you know, we’ll be at your door! Having over 15 years of expertise in the snake catching business, our professional and qualified team are locals with complete knowledge of snake species and behaviours and an even better understanding of the region they service. Each member of our Caboolture snake catcher team has the relevant permits and licences (Damage Mitigation Permit) to keep you and your family safe and some have even gone ahead and got their Spotter Catcher Permit as well.

For more information or to get a snake removed and relocated from your property immediately, contact us now on 0409 536 000.

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Snake Catcher Caboolture Services

No matter the time or place, you can rely on our snake catcher Caboolture services. Operating on a 24/7 basis, your property is our priority. Trained in first aid and snake identification, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with our team of Caboolture snake catchers. We’re also more than just an emergency snake catching service, providing yard, roof and ceiling inspections to ensure the safety of your home or office. We also post nightly videos on our Facebook page, helping our audience become familiar with snake species, behaviours and what to do if they ever spot a snake in their home.

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Southern Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Service Areas

Over 15 Years Experience

Thanks to years of dedicated service to our region, Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7 is now also the leading Caboolture Snake Catcher. Opening our service area to a wider client base enables us to be the go-to Snake Catcher in Bribie Island, Ningi, Elimbah, Woodford, Wamuran, Morayfield and Beachmere.
To legally remove a snake from a property, it must present a threat to those living or working there. This includes the snake being inside the property, or having a pet outside in the same area as the snake. The snake does not have to be venomous to be removed from your property as we understand that their bites can still be quite painful and dangerous. If you believe you have a venomous snake on your property, we can assist you over the phone with a free snake identification service. This will help you understand how best to deal with the situation until a Caboolture snake catcher arrives at your home or office in the southern Sunshine Coast regions.

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Common Sunshine Coast Snakes

The Sunshine Coast and surrounds is home to approximately 20 snake species of which only 8 possess venom toxic enough to be life threatening. It helps to know what snakes are in your area so you can act appropriately if you encounter one! Remember never attempt to remove or touch a snake. Contact our team for help!

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Contact Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

With over 15 years we are proud to be snake catchers in Caboolture. If you need a snake catcher in Beachmere, Elimbah, Ningi, Woodford, or any other surrounding regions, be sure to get in touch today. Although we are centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, we have a team of professionals around our service regions ready to meet you at your property as soon as possible.

If you have concerns about a snake on your property, give your friendly Caboolture Snake Catcher a call today on 0409 536 000 and we’ll help you identify the species and stay safe until one of our staff arrives.