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We service the whole of the Sunshine Coast areas and surrounds! We have been professionally relocating snakes for over 15 years. His team are the most professional, knowledgeable snake catchers in the industry.

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Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7 was established over 15 years ago to help remove and relocate the ever-growing population of snakes. As Nambour, Woombye, Forest Glen and Sippy Downs snake catchers, we service the entire Sunshine Coast region, including further south toward Caboolture and as north as Noosa. Our team of professional and qualified snake catchers are scattered across our service regions to ensure a fast arrival and even more efficient removal of your slithering intruder. We have spent much of our time to building a reputable foundation and are consistently learning about how snakes adapt to our environment. We all hold the relevant licences and permits to perform a snake removal, but can only legally relocate a snake if it is producing a threat to you, your family, workers or pets.

While the snake catcher is at your property, feel free to take a few minutes to sit down and have a chat about the best strategies on dealing with snakes and reducing the possibility of one passing through your property again. It is impossible to keep snakes off your property forever, but we have a few techniques and tactics up our sleeves to assist in ensuring your property stays snake-clear for longer. With over 10 years as Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, we have seen and done it all, making us expertly qualified to answer all your questions and provide reputable advice.

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Our Services

Over 15 Years Experience

While primarily operating as a 24/7 emergency Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher in Maroochydore, Buderim, Bli Bli and other surrounding suburbs, we are also proud to offer a range of additional services including:
• Snake Identification and Advice
• Venomous Snake Handling Courses
• Reptile awareness talks for Schools, Business’ & Community Groups
• Fauna Spotter/Catchers

Most notably however is our ability to perform a thorough roof, yard and ceiling inspection for your property, reporting to you our full findings. These inspections vary in time and cost depending on the size of your property but offer a comprehensive search, scouting for any evidence of snakes, including eggs or live young (as not all snakes lay eggs) and shed layers of skin. We also post and share videos each night on our Facebook page to help educate not only our Sunshine Coast clients, but anyone interested in snakes, the varying species and their behaviours. We will also share tips on how to ensure your safety and those of all in the proximity of a snake including your pets should you find yourself in that situation.

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Servicing Areas

Since our establishment over 15 years ago, our team of Sunshine Coast snake catchers has grown, allowing us to expand our service areas. Operating out of Buderim, we are now available as snake catchers in:
Bli Bli
Kunda Park
Forest Glen
Sippy Downs
Mountain Creek

If your suburb is not listed here, but you live in the Sunshine Coast region, call us today and we will see how we can help. With a team of qualified snake catchers across the area, there may be a team member nearby who can lend a helping hand.

Common Sunshine Coast Snakes

The Sunshine Coast and surrounds is home to approximately 20 snake species of which only 8 possess venom toxic enough to be life threatening. It helps to know what snakes are in your area so you can act appropriately if you encounter one! Remember never attempt to remove or touch a snake. Contact our team for help!

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Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7 has been operating for over 15 years and is proud to now be a Caboolture Snake Catcher service as well. If you need a snake catcher in Beachmere, Elimbah, Ningi, Woodford, or any other surrounding regions, be sure to get in touch today. Although we are centrally located on the Sunshine Coast, we have a team of professionals around our service regions ready to meet you at your property as soon as possible.

If you have concerns about a snake on your property, give your friendly Caboolture Snake Catcher a call today on 0409 536 000 and we’ll help you identify the species and stay safe until one of our staff arrives.