red belly black snake on mossy rock

Significance to Humans: 

Highly Venomous

They are quite a shy species of snake but if they feel threatened they may flatten and slightly raise their body and neck region to try and deter a potential predator. A bite from this species should be treated immediately and attended to with correct first aid. They have a fearsome reputation which is simply well overexaggerated.

General description: 

They are usually a glossy uniform black colour along the whole body except tip of snout which is sometimes a paler brown. Belly is often red or pinky colour on the sides and becoming paler in the middle. Hind edge of belly-scales is black, creating an even red & black striped appearance. Belly colour is visible along flanks and sides distinguishing it from the Eastern Small-eyed Snake. Midbody scales at 17 rows. The Red Belly grows on average to around 1.5m but specimens approaching 2 meters have been found. They are generally found in close proximity to water including rainforest, wetlands, lagoon areas, swamps and often near dams in rural areas. They are a diurnal species and actively searches for potential prey. Their diet consists of primarily frogs, but also other reptiles (including other snakes) and small mammals like rats and mice.

Habitat on the Sunshine Coast: 

Red bellies are quite common in many suburbs around the sunshine Coast, especially in areas that contain wetlands or plenty of water bodies. Often seen around homes and in yards chasing frogs or hanging out near man made water features

Around the home: 

Could be typically associated with ground refugia such as timber piles, sheet iron, rock walls and heavy vegetation. Has been recorded climbing to take frogs from eves of homes but this is rarely encountered. A large freshly sloughed Black snake is truly a beautiful snake often even appreciated by self confessed snake despisers.