snake hooped brown cream on rock

General description:

Solidly built snake with a large broad flat head. Colour variable with many shades from light grey to olive, brown through to black. Cross-bands of lighter scales continue down the length of the body. Belly lighter than main colour, usually cream or grey, often darker on throat & under tail. Midbody scales at 17-19 rows (rarely 15).
Average Length:
1 metre with specimens rarely exceeding 1.3 metres.
Habitat in SE Qld:
High altitude rainforest, swampy coastal heath and wallum swamp preferring creek banks & other moist sites.
General habits:
Diurnal though has been recorded to be active on warm humid night stalking frogs particularly following rain.
Opportunistic hunter of small vertebrates such as frogs, small mammals, lizards and birds.
Local distribution:
Small scattered populations occur on the Sunshine Coast around Beerwah, Pelican Waters, Landsborough and Southern undisturbed periphery of Caloundra.
Around the home:
This species is absent from built up areas and is highly unlikely to be encountered around human dwellings in known habitats.